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Fertilizer - Liquid High NRG-N

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AgroLiquid - Suitable for crops, pastures, vegetables, orchards

For bulk liquid applications / tank mixed / priced by the gallon in your tank or can be custom applied with our equipment.  Call 410-692-2200 The Mill of Blackhorse for more information, current pricing and supply.  Minimum quantities may apply.


High NRG-N is engineered to provide a controlled release of plant-available nitrogen over an extended period.

This soil-applied nitrogen is released over time to provide nutrition when your plants need it most. In addition to nitrogen, High NRG-N contains sulfur and trace amounts of known chlorophyll-building secondary and micronutrients.

High NRG-N may be used at lower volumes, but it will produce quality and yields comparable to crops grown with conventional nitrogen sources. It can also be tank mixed with other nutrients and crop protection products. This is important to providing increased profits from lower fuel and labor costs.

High NRG-N includes our proprietary Flavonol Polymer Technology that protects the nitrogen and reduces losses from leaching and volatility.

Product Benefits

  • Complete source of nitrogen nutrition

  • Contains Flavonol Polymer Technology to reduce leaching loss and volatility

  • Increased yields and product quality

  • Slow release over time making nitrogen available when your crop needs it

  • It’s clean and easy to apply

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