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Deer Ban Repellent Caps 50 ct

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  • Repels deer from gardens and flower beds before they cause damage to plants
  • Activates the natural flight response in deer
  • Capsules are activated by water - rainfall has no negative effect
  • Each application lasts up to 90 days
  • 50 capsules - covers up to 1000 linear feet
  • Formerly named PredaSCENT

Deer Ban is a unique easy-to-apply, natural deer repellent in capsule form.  Each capsule contains the scent of coyote urine, which is a natural predator of deer.  For this reason, Deer Ban kicks in on the natural "flight" response of deer, making them fear to be near this product and want to leave quickly; all before causing damage to your beautiful plants, gardens, and flower beds!

This package includes 50 capsules.  Spaced 20 feet apart, this package will cover 1,000 linear feet.

Deer Ban is odor-less to humans, but very noticeable to deer because of their keen sense of smell.  The capsules are placed every 10-20 feet along the perimeter of the garden areas that you want to protect.  They will sit right on the soil surface and do not require plants to be actively growing to be effective.  In fact, Deer Ban is effective year-round!  Once water contacts the capsule, the active ingredient is exposed and the product starts going to work..  The new and improved formula can last up to 90 days.  There is no messy spraying, and no mixing or measuring.

Unlike most deer repellents that wash away and become ineffective after rain, water actually enhances the effectiveness of Deer Ban.  That's because the polymer gel inside the capsule actually needs to absorb water to activate the odor of the active ingredient.  The biodegradable Deer Ban will continue to be reactivated by rain or watering for up to three months.

Most effective against deer, but also works to deter rabbits, skunks, raccoons, possums, and lizards.

Active ingredient: 5% coyote urine

Deer Ban is the new and improved formula of PredaSCENT, which has been a favorite amongst our customers for years now.  If you have used PredaSCENT in the past, it has since been discontinued, so we are confident that you will like the new Deer Ban from Summit Industries!  Deer Ban has 3X the active ingredient of PredaSCENT, therefore it can cover a larger area and last up to 3 times longer.

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