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Bird-X Falcon Decoy

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  • Peregrine Falcon Decoy Bird Control
  • The Fearsome Peregrine Falcon Feeds On Smaller Birds, Including Pigeons, Gulls, Sparrows, Swallows, And Starlings
  • Falcons Are Found Worldwide And Attack With Terrifying Dives At Speeds Up To 200 Mph, Tearing Into The Victim Bird With Lethal Sharp Beak And Talons
  • High-Visibility Strikes Instant Terror With Sparkling Mirror-Backed Eyes, Reflective Markings, And Realistic Design
  • When Pest Birds Think A Falcon Is Near, They Don'T Stick Around
  • For Added Stability, Fill Base With Sand Or Gravel Via Removable Plug Or Mount On 1.5-In Diameter Pole

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