The Mill Contractors Grass Seed Mix


Contractor's Grass Seed Mix

Contractors Mix is a blend of 80% tall fescue grass seed with 20% annual rye grass seed. This blend is known for giving a rapid green cover and soil stabilization. It should be used in areas that may be disturbed and seeded again at a later date. This is a great inexpensive seed for a construction site or ground that has recently been disturbed. The annual rye grass seed has a fast germination rate so is great at stabilizing the ground and then the tall fescue grass seed can fill in and grow thick. 

  • Inexpensive, fast germinating grass seed
  • 80% tall fescue grass seed, 20% annual rye grass seed
  • Rapid green cover and soil stabilization
  • Germination in 5-21 days


The Mill recommends testing soil before applying grass seed or fertilizer. A soil test analyzes available nutrients. Having this information allows us to help you make the best decisions for your lawn, leading to a more beautiful and thicker lawn. The Mill offers soil testing.

When seeding or over-seeding, add Starter Fertilizer 18-24-12 to give your lawn an extra boost. Please note: Grass seed and a pre-emergent (like Prodiamine) cannot be spread at the same time.

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Kenneth Schoberg
REpairing a neglected lawn

I used this first after digging up half my lawn of weeds . Fill dirt and this seed gave me quick coverage so I could over seed with the three way seed and have cover from birds feeding on it. Great stuff . Was up in 3 to 4 days.