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Good for a one time purchase per customer on regular priced items. Exp 5/31/23. Some exclusions may apply.


How to use this offer:

  • Use Promo Code MAY23  to shop online for gardening supplies or
  • Take a picture of the image above to be used in-store for your garden purchases or
  • Sign up HERE to be emailed a coupon for $5 of $25 to use in one of The Mill stores.

The Mill's Garden Centers are filling up with plant deliveries several times a week. Due to live plants selling quickly and new inventory arriving frequently, we do not have the plants featured on our online store. Please visit one of The Mill locations for the best selection of flowers and plants our growers have to offer.

Save time and avoid messing up your vehicle - We Deliver! Arrange to have your purchase of mulch, fertilizer and other lawn & garden supplies delivered to your home. As a Mill associate for details or to schedule a delivery.

The Mill has the products and supplies to keep your lawn and gardens beautiful and healthy.

Soil Testing Service

A soil test will let you know exactly what your yard needs. You can treat your lawn with the correct amount of lime and of fertilizer ultimately saving you time and money all while your lawn will look its best.

Gather 12-15 samples of soil throughout your entire yard. The samples should be about 6" deep. Remove the thatch on the top 1/2 to 1" of each sample

Mix all your samples together in a clean bucket and bring a quart ziplock bag full of your soil to The Mill. We will send the sample to the lab and contact you with the results and recommendations.

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