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The Mill is staffed with highly-trained professionals that are here to help. Our equine specialists are available for complimentary consultations over-the-phone or on-site at your farm or facility. Along with high quality products, The Mill offers a variety of other services, including Fecal Egg Counting and Hay Testing to help you and your veterinarian make the best choices for your horse.




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Hay Testing

To maintain a happy horse with a healthy gut, the average horse must consume 1.5-3% of its body weight in forage a day. Thus, the foundation to any equine diet starts with a quality forage program. Whether you grow your own hay or purchase elsewhere, it is crucial to know the details of that foundation in order to develop the appropriate feed program to fit the needs of your horse(s). The Mill recognizes and encourages the vital importance of this information and offers 2 different testing options. While the Complimentary Hay Testing is only offered in the fall, the Lab Analyzed Hay Testing is available year round. 

Need a quick and convenient way to have all your blades sharpened?

The Mill of Bel Air's very own Mike Wheat is extending his service to the community. Drop off your dull blades at any location and we can shuttle it to and from Bel Air to be sharpened. Typically, blades will be ready within a week and we will call you when they are sharp and ready to go. For your convenience, you can pick them up at the same location you dropped them off.

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