December 2020

November 2020

The Primal Elixir was very well received by my dogs! The Winter Squash Puree, thawed out easily and was easy to serve. The ingredients look very healthy and it smelled very good. The fat and protein content were very low, so this would be excellent for a dog that needs to lose weight or an inactive dog. - Claire, Whiteford.

October 2020

My girls would come running when they heard me shake the bag of Farm to Flock treats. It took no time for them to gobble them up. My girls were starting to molt but as soon as they started getting this treat I could notice a difference in their feathers in just a couple weeks. Highly recommend! - Tiffany, Bel Air

September 2020

Almost anyone with inside dogs has an arsenal of cleaning products for the inevitable accidents. Wee Away is a great addition! The directions said to just saturate the area and leave it to dry (after cleaning up the initial mess). We loved that this meant less scrubbing than you have to do with other products. We used the product twice on one accident... -Emily, Kingstown


I have hardwood and laminate flooring throughout most of my house and only a few large area rugs. I was excited to try the Wee Away on the area rug in the living room where the kitty had peed multiple times before I caught it. I only received two small 2-ounce bottles and unfortunately this was not enough to saturate the entire area of urine.
The product had a pleasant minty fragrance when saturated into the rug, and by the next day the urine odor in the air was mostly gone... -- CB, Bel Air

August 2020

Our dog Noodle is a 14 year old Schnoodle who has been slowing down a bit in his elder years. He takes medication for cardiovascular issues and skin allergies. I read some great reviews for Vetericyn All Senior formula online, but was a little skeptical that a supplement could improve a dog as old as Noodle. After about a week of giving Noodle the supplements, however, I noticed that he was scratching less. Whenever I would give Noodle a Vetericyn All tablet, Noodle would wag his tail in excitement. He was happy to receive them, like he was getting a treat! (Noodle’s other medication has to be disguised in globs of peanut butter.) Within a week, our family noticed that Noodle was once again chasing our cat, playing outside a little longer and wasn’t as tired after taking a walk. Vetericyn has been working very well for Noodle. We are very thankful that we found this supplement for our dog. -Kelly, Chestertown

Meet Sheldon, my 9 year old rescue pup who has been a very happy camper since using Vetericyn All-In Senior for the past 6 weeks.   Sheldon and I had fallen into ‘Covid-Isolation’ bad habits during the rainy & cool late spring and we had gotten really out of shape.   Restarting regular walks and weekend hikes made both of us much happier but Sheldon was struggling with stiffness and discomfort.   Due to Covid shortages I had difficulty getting more of his joint supplement so he was without it while trying to improve our exercise habits. When the Mill introduced a new canine supplement made by Vetericyn, the timing was perfect. I use other Vetericyn products for my menagerie and have always been super satisfied with the brand. I saw improvement in Sheldon’s comfort levels very quickly and he has more pep in his step then he’s had in months. He’s also become a toy fiend and is a lot calmer during windy conditions and when surrounded by his backyard flock.   I highly recommend All-In! -Susan, Hereford

July 2020

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