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Cyb - Crop Showcase

The Mill's 2022 Crop Showcase field trials focused on product comparisons and management practices. 

Field A – A soybean trial to maintain expected yield while applying 25% less Phosphorus than recommended on soil test recommendations using an experimental Verdesian product for P stabilization as well as technology to release bound P in soil. If successful, the potential savings from less P is $18.75/ac.

Field B – A corn trial to determine if there is a yield advantage using micros. Microsync Plus with Ca,S,Zn,B is a granular source of micronutrients with fertilizer as an in-season topdress.

Field C– A soybean trial to determine a yield advantage between untreated vs treated seed comparing a regular inoculent as well as one with a boosted nitrogen assimilator.

Field D  - A corn trial to compare and determine if there is a yield advantage between 2 brands of in-furrow starter fertilizer.

Field E Front –A corn trial that seeks to gain a yield advantage by pushing higher K rates to approximatley 45 units higher than soil recommendations with a topdress at V6-V10 stage as well as a strip with K and Micros applied as a foliar app of at the same stage.

Field E Back - A soybean trial that measures yield advantages from sulfur. The plot will test no sulfur, 75 AMS preplant, foliar S in-season (late season), and combined AMS w/foliar late season.

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