Crop Showcase 2020

The Mill’s Crop Showcase is celebrating 10 years of education, demonstration and fellowship for farmers at our annual event. Learn from leading industry experts and hop on a wagon for a tour across the farm to get the inside scoop on the various products, applications and technologies being studied this year!

  • Soil Health: Steve Groff
    “Effective cover cropping is one of the best proven methods for improving the soil health on your farm. But it’s so much bigger than that.” Learn from the Tillage Radish pioneer
    as he shares his approach and philosophy as a farmer, researcher and consultant.
    In-Field trials comparing single and multi species cover crops vs. double-crop soybeans.
  • Corn Physiology & Nitrogen Modeling
    Which leaves on a corn plant have the most impact on ear development and yield?
    Discussions on biomass accumulation from tassel to physiological maturity. Evaluating the impact of various nitrogen management decisions utilizing a new modeling tool.
  • Micronutrients, The Forgotten Puzzle Piece
    Despite a lower total uptake requirement, micronutrients ensure critical plant functions are not limited, and other inputs are used efficiently. Set yourself up for season-long availability by considering all crop needs and selecting optimal nutrient forms, placement and rates.

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