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2023 Chick Schedule!
Mill of Bel Air chick schedule
Mill of Red Lion chick schedule

Ask the right questions before buying chicks.

Are they straight-run or pullets?

Hatcheries sell chicks in groups of straight-run or pullets. Straight-run is a mix of genders. With a straight-run group, you take a gamble of having just as many, if not more, males than females. Pullet is a term for female chicks under the age of one. You may find it beneficial to pay more for a group of pullets. Keep in mind the guarantee percentage for all females in a pullet group is high, but not 100%. There is a chance your batch could have a rooster.*

The majority of The Mill’s chicks are pullets.
The Mill’s French Guineas, Ring-Neck Pheasants, ducks and turkeys are straight-run.

What are they eating now?

Chicks at the Mill are typically started on a medicated chick starter, as opposed to non-medicated. Medicated feeds are designed to give chicks an immunity boost during the first days of their lives. This helps fight off illness while the chicks are adjusting to a new home. The medicated feed The Mill uses contains amprolium, not an anti-biotic. It helps to prevent Coccidiosis.

Have they been vaccinated?

Chicks at the Mill have been vaccinated for Mareks Disease, a viral disease. The vaccination can prevent Mareks if administered immediately after the chicks hatch.

Ducks/French Guineas/Pheasants/Turkeys at the Mill have not been vaccinated for Mareks Disease.

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