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lawn, grass, turf, grass seed, fertilizer, lime, weed control

The Mill's Lawn Expert helping Scott from 98 Rock take a soil sample.

Spring is a great time to prepare your soil for optimal growth of a lush green lawn.

The most important step this spring is a soil analysis. Bring a sample of your soil to The Mill and we will send it to a lab, once we get the results, we will create a custom plan just for your lawn. Soil pH is important for growth, we have various lime options to help. Call your local store for more details about a soil analysis, lime, weed control, fertilizers, seed, or to schedule a lawn consultation.


The Mill has experts and highly trained retail staff members to help you achieve your desired results for your lawn. We can help you figure out the right product, the right rate, the right time, and the right place.  


If you want your garden to be its best, talk to one of The Mill's experts or highly trained retail staff members. Whether it is a vegetable or flower garden, we have the products and knowledge to help.


Whether you have dogs, cats, small pets or domestic birds, The Mill has the products and supplies to keep your pets healthy, happy, and entertained. We have everything you need and more.


The Mill offers a variety of supplies for your home including home and garden decor, heat pellets, ice melt, fencing and gate supplies, pest control, pool salt, and much more!


If you enjoy feeding wild birds and other wildlife, we have everything you need. We offer quality products that wildlife will love and continue to return for more. Check out The Mill's custom blends of bird seed.

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The Mill offers a large variety of livestock and equine feeds and supplies. We have agronomy, livestock, and equine experts to help plan and evaluate your crops or animals needs. Talk to one of our experts today!

The Mill can help you get your yard in tip top shape:

Soil | Grass Seed | Fertilizer | Weed & Pest Control | Soil Samples
Mulch | Stone | Expert Advice | & Much More

We offer delivery of bulk and bag mulch and soil.

grass, grass seed, fertilizer, lime, weed control, lawn, turf,