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  • Are your purchased feed costs squeezing your budget?
  • Do you have pasture or hay fields that have not been improved recently?
  • Are bare patches filling in with weeds?


The Best Strategy to keeping feed costs in check is to maximize forage quality and quantity!

The Mill can help you get the most from your forages.


Come to The Mill's Forage Plot Walk on Tuesday, June 28th at 5 pm.  

Rain Date is June 30th


  • See first-hand how the different varieties are performing.
  • Talk with agronomists about the observations and management.  
  • Plan and prepare for a fall over-seeding of pasture or replanting of a hay field.

There is no cost to attend - RSVP to info@themillstores.com


2021 Forage Plot Walk

The Mill's 2021 Forage Plot Walk

Planning to Overseed? Soil Test Now for Best Results!
Soil Probe pulling a soil test
Putting a saoil sample into a Waypoint Lab test bag

Tedding a hay field

Horses grazing in a pasture

A tractor baling hay

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First-year (2019) data on nutrient analysis and tonnage of 1st cutting are available in the Forage Plot Book (above).


We enjoy putting our products to the test. We planted fifteen different varieties of forages in the fall of 2018 to compare them side-by-side for quality, yields and persistency over the years.


A new planting of horse and livestock pasture mix


Each year, there have been new insights in how forages have produced throughout the season and how the year over year production has held up. Talk to us to help find the right varieties for your particular situation.

The Mill's Horse and Livestock Pasture Mix

Image on left - new seeding Fall of 2018.     Image on right - May 2019 prior to 1st cutting.

horse and pasture livestock mix ready to harvest

The Mill's map of forage plot strips

Grasshancer 100 - Replaced Fall of 2021 with Tower Protek Fescue

The Mill's Duragraze pasture mix harvested and raked