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Lignetics Gold Wood Fuel Pellet

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Please note: (10/2020 update) This product is no longer being manufactured.  Our supplies are limited to what we have in stock which is about 30 tons company wide.

Lignetics® Gold premium wood pellets are made from recycled, renewable sawmill waste. Our wood pellets contain all-natural biomass products and are manufactured at the highest quality control levels, designating our wood pellets fuel as premium grade. Our wood pellets produce a consistent, high BTU output and produce less than one percent ash. This translates to a hotter, more efficient burn, which means less wood pellets burned, fewer wood pellets purchased, less space needed for storage, fewer trips to the wood pellet hopper and less waste to clean up.

Product Features:

40 lb. bag contains 100% natural wood, no glue, binders or additives

PFI Certified Premium Grade Pellet Fuel

High-Performance - 8,200 - 8,400 BTU/lb

Low moisture content burns HOTTER, and MORE EFFICIENTLY

Produces less than 1% ash

Clean-burning and safe for the environment

Made in the USA from 100% locally-sourced natural biomass

Product dimensions: 16" (L) x 4" (W) x 24" (H)

Recyclable packaging

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