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The Mill Duragraze Pasture Mix


*For Pay On Delivery, you will submit orders today and we will contact you for payment prior to your delivery.

Delivery fees may vary based on quantity and distance.  Please email or call for a quote on pallet or bundled items.  Flatbed deliveries of pallets, totes, bundled fence posts, gates and stall mats start at $60.00. 

For delivery options call The Mill of Bel Air, 410-838-6111. 

The Mill Duragraze Pasture is designed to withstand the toughest 
of environmental conditions. It will handle hot, dry summers and continue to produce grass for grazing. Duragraze is a combination of Fojtan Festulolium, Hostyn Festulolium and Balin Kentucky Bluegrass. Fojtan Festulolium is a proven performer of high- yielding and high-quality forage  Hostyn Festulolium provides early spring and early fall growth and helps with fast establishment.  Balin Kentucky Bluegrass is added for the improvement of sod quality which helps to reduce weed pressure.

As the most persistent mix The Mill offers, Duragraze will cover all the seasons from March to November and provide large volumes of high quality palatable forage. For new and over seeding, the McKinley Annual Ryegrass will establish quickly for early grazing.


  •                   75% Fojtan Festulolium
  •                   20% Hostyn Festulolium
  •                    5% Balin Kentucky Bluegrass

The Mill recommends testing soil before applying grass seed or fertilizer. A soil test analyzes available nutrients. With soil test results, our staff can provide recommendations for fertilizer, design a custom blend, and apply your blend with equipment small enough to fit through an 8-foot gate. Call one of our 6 locations to learn about soil testing and the services The Mill offers.

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