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18-0-4 25% SCU .38 Prodiamine Pre-emergent Crabgrass Control


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Control annoying annual weeds in your lawn like crabgrass and japanese stiltgrass with the 18-0-4 with prodiamine while at the same time feeding it. Apply the first application of this in early spring and then a second application in late May, early June. The prodiamine is a pre-emergent weed control that stops the weeds from ever germinating and coming through, leaving your grass with no competition for it to excel. Depending on application rate, you cannot plant grass seed for 4-6 months after application.

This fertilizer also contains 18% nitrogen, 0% phosphorus, and 4% potassium to keep your lawn growing well at the same time. The nitrogen is 25% slow releasing slowly feeding your grass for longer. This product is for all general turf use. 

Refer to the label for specific information on pests controlled, application rates, timing, and use.


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