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15-0-5 .067 Acelepryn Grub Control Lawn Fertilizer


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The Lebanon ProScape Fertilizer with Acelepryn helps control white grubs and other listed pests. White grubs can be extremely detrimental to a lawn by causing damage to the root system. The Acelepryn controls the grubs for 1-2 months and then the 15% nitrogen, 0% phosphorus, and 5% potassium feeds the plant back to health. This product is built and labeled for lawn and landscape use. 

Do not apply Lebanon ProScape Fertilizer with 0.067% Acelepryn® Insecticide and Grub Preventer when the soil is saturated with water because adequate distribution of the active ingredient vertically in the soil profile cannot be achieved under this condition.
Lebanon ProScape Fertilizer with 0.067% Acelepryn
® Insecticide and Grub Preventer is in GROUP 28 of the EPA’s Insecticide and Acaricide Groups Based on Target Site of Action (EPA PR Notice 2001-5) and may be used in rotational resistance management programs.

Please read the label for proper application rates, timing, and warnings.


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