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The White-Breasted Nuthatch - The Mill's Bird of the Month - February 2023

White-Breasted Nuthatch at a bird feeder

The White-breasted Nuthatch is a bird commonly seen in our region all year long. They have black and grey backs, white faces, and a white breast and belly. 

White-Breasted Nuthatch

They are frequent feeder visitors throughout the year but will decrease their visits over the summer when insects are readily available. These little birds are typically seen in pairs, crawling up and down trees looking for insects and seeds among crevices in tree bark. White-breasted Nuthatches have a distinct way of moving and are one of the few birds that will readily crawl face-down a tree trunk. They are also noisy little birds and have a very recognizable nasally call that, once identified, you won’t be able to miss! White-breasted Nuthatches prefer larger seeds, such as peanuts and sunflowers, and will commonly create seed caches throughout their territories. They also rarely eat their seeds at a feeder, preferring to find a seed they like and flying it up into a tree to eat.

White-Breasted Nuthatch on a suet cage

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