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Grower Meeting

January 2022

We have three presentations planned that we believe will have a significant impact on your planning for success in 2022!


-       Carbon  Should you be cashing in? Is it too complicated?

o  We have recently assisted a couple of your neighbors collect money for storing carbon in their farm.

o  Amanda Bahn-Ziegler from Truterra Ag to present from the only farmer owned Carbon program in the US.


-       Fertilizer dollars and how to maximize them

o  Placement and form of fertilizer can make significant differences in how the plant is able to uptake and use.

o  Are there any nutrients you can skip for one year?

o  Joe Leslie from AgroLiquid presents data and trials of better ways to use what you buy.


-       Weed Control Options

o  Discussions on what is available and how to manage around what is not available.

o  Brenda Riggleman from Syngenta will join us in a discussion of how to manage this unique 2022 growing season.


   Hereford Volunteer Fire Co

   510 Monkton Rd

   Hereford Md 21111


Thursday January 20th 2022

Starting at 9:00 am

Ending with lunch at noon



You must RSVP by 1/17/22 by calling The Mill at 800-993-3300 or emailing Ben Hushon at bhushon@zoominternet.net