Kingstown Horticulture Series 2020

@ The Mill of Kingstown
February 2020
Tuesday, February 11, 2020 6:00pm - Tuesday, December 8, 2020 6:00pm

Horticulture Series 2020

Call 410-778-1551 for exact times and more information.

February 11 - Growing Fruit Organically – we will discuss fruit trees, bushes, and vines and how to produce fruit using organic methods. We will discuss preventive care, sprays and fertilizers.

March 10 – Foliage, Mainstay of the Garden – we will discuss how foliage is the main structure of any garden. From Spring through winter foliage puts place and time in the garden.

April 8 – Vegetable Garden Health – How to keep your garden thriving – soil prep to harvesting. Discussion will include all aspects of good vegetable gardening procedures.

May 12 – Cool Combo’s for Color – both in the ground and container planting will be discussed. Grouping colors for that pop throughout the spring and summer seasons.

June 9 – We will have a few refreshments and walk the garden center to discuss or selection of plants. Annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees will be at their best. 

July 14 – Field trip to Wildly Native Flower Farm owned by Liza Goetz and her family. We will meet at the store just prior to 6 and leave promptly at 6 to head to the flower farm. You will tour the flower farm and see the varieties of flowers in all areas of production.

August 11 – Field trip to Oksana’s Produce Farm. Leaving store at 6 to drive to her farm. She grows veggies using organic production. Oksana also produces and sells fermented vegetables, all natural and full of probiotics. Wear walking shoe.

Sept 8 - Gardening for Our Birds – how to add plants to your garden that provide either food or shelter for our songbirds. We will concentrate on the necessary needs to bring our birds back.

Oct 13 - Groundcovers for Every Garden – discussion will revolve using low growing plants as groundcovers. All groundcovers do not have to hug the ground – as long as they are shorted than the next layer, they work.

Nov 10 - Pet Friendly Gardens – for the pet lover – how to plant with your fur friend in mind. What not to plant, those that are edible, and plants that are fun under foot.

Dec 8 - Back to Longwood – we will be heading back to Longwood for their Christmas Celebration. We will be renting vans to travel to Longwood leaving the store at 10 am and returning around 9 pm. The cost would include your transportation and ticket into Longwood.